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About Cruz Landscaping & Design Inc.

Cruz Landscaping & Design Inc. is a concrete and landscape contractor company that specializes in the construction of concrete as everything related to landscape. In Cruz Landscaping & Design Inc. we are proud of the quality of work that our team provides to each client. Each person on our team embodies our care values: Humility, Integrity, Quality, Attitude and Loyalty. We believe that our growth and success come from the quality of each work done and the way we treat clients. We like to commit ourselves to the personal and professional growth of our work team because we want in addition to carrying out concrete and landscape projects, enjoy the process, have a positive and satisfactory impact on our clients when they see the final result of the project. Our process delivers results as we create your needs, assess your property, create your design and install your new landscape project for your residence or commercial property

Concrete Foundation

About the Owner

Jose Adrian was an apprentice of Cement Masons Union. He dreamed big and worked hard to achieve his dream of starting a concrete construction and landscaping business. Jose Adrian has developed his skills for 15 years where he had humble beginnings as a laborer before moving to become an entrepreneur. His greatest passion is to play with the concrete and create his own landscaping designs of which he gives them a touch that makes them unique to the rest of the others. His years of experience give him knowledge and experience that he applies to every project his company undertakes, no matter how big or small it is.”

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Preconstruction Design


On-Site Consultations


The Finishing

Lawn Maintenance

Our Quality Guarantee

A consistent image for your property, an image that reflects quality and professionalism. We will strive to meet your goals and objectives you have for your property. The result will be an exterior environment that is pleasing to you’re standards and enjoyment that will maximize the investments of clients. Let's get your great ideas in my knowledge to bring you’re dream project into a reality.

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